India's First Applicationfor treatment of Amblyopia

The therapy application suite consists of 12 sets of games meticulously designed and developed by experts at IIT Delhi.

Fully Adaptable

Works seamlessly on a variety of devices and operating systems.

Data on Cloud

All the patients' data are securely stored on IIT Delhi's servers.

Easy to Install

A one-click installation process to get started.


Awesome Features

The suite consists of a set of 12 games whose configurations are assigned by an registered eye-practitioner as per the patient's condition.

  • Carefully crafted games
  • Constant supervision by qualified practitioners .
  • Super friendly support team

Admin Dashboard

Registered Hospitals can access the Dashboard which allows them to manage their patients.

Onboard Patients

The Dashboard allows the hospitals to add new patients seamlessly.

Manage Patients

The Dashboard allows the hospitals to manage their patients game-play settings.Also contains visualization tools to give deeper insights into the patient's performance.

Brought to you by

Made under the supervision of Professor Tapan Kumar Gandhi (IIT Delhi) in collaboration with Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital,Daryaganj

Take Visual Therapy On-the-Go.

Application runs on your Smartphone and Tablet .