Win V is the India's first software solution for treatment of Amblyopia and various other disorders!!

Fully Adaptable

Works great on any device!

Data on the Cloud

Data stored centrally on IIT Delhi servers!

Easy to Use

Can be setup in less than a minute!

Fully Adaptable Design

Designed to work on computers, laptops and tablets. So, patients can use the software on whatever device they have.

Data on the cloud

Data is stored safe and securely on the IIT Delhi webservers. Patients and Eye Care Practitioners can view the progress anytime anywhere.

Easy to Use

Designed to be easily installed and used. Works even when offline and syncs data when the internet is available.


Dr. Prem

"Doctor, Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital"

Tapan K. Gandhi

"Professor, Indian Institute of Technoloy Delhi"

Dr. Sonia Sharma

"Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital"

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